Geração de Tokens Eficiente e Mascaramento Dinâmico de Dados

Agora você pode ocultar dados confidenciais à vista de todos

Tokenization & Data Masking
Geração de Tokens com Mascaramento Dinâmico de Dados da Vormetric

A Geração de Tokens Sem Cofre com Mascaramento Dinâmico de Dados da Vormetric reduz drasticamente o custo e o esforço requeridos para estar em conformidade com políticas de segurança e mandados regulatórios como PCI-DSS. A solução fornece funcionalidades de geração de tokens para bancos de dados e segurança de exibição dinâmica. Agora você pode abordar seus objetivos para proteger e tornar anônimos seus ativos sensíveis—residam eles em ambientes de data center, big data, contêineres ou na nuvem.

Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking
Efficiently Reduce PCI DSS Compliance Scope

Remove card holder data from PCI DSS scope with minimal cost and effort and save big on complying with the industry standard with Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking.

Foster Innovation Without Introducing Risk

Tokenize data and maintain control and compliance when moving to the cloud, big data, and outsourced environments.

Scale Globally

Implanta a solução Vaultless Tokenization globalmente sem preocupações com sincronização de tokenização, desempenho ou custos sem controle. A abordagem e o modelo de preço da Vaultless Tokenization possibilitam um gerenciamento fácil e escalabilidade barata.

Dynamic Data Masking

Administrators can establish policies to return an entire field tokenized or dynamically mask parts of a field. For example, a security team could establish policies so that a user with customer service representative credentials would only receive a credit card number with the last four digits visible, while a customer service supervisor could access the full credit card number in the clear.

Non-Disruptive Implementation

With the vaultless tokenization solution’s format-preserving tokenization capabilities, you can restrict access to sensitive assets without changing the existing database schema. The solution’s REST API implementation makes it fast, simple, and efficient for application developers to institute sophisticated tokenization capabilities.

Optional Batch Data Transformation

Thales eSecurity Tokenization customers can also order the Batch Data Transformation utility from Thales eSecurity. With this utility, you can tokenize high volumes of sensitive records without lengthy maintenance windows and downtime. You can also tokenize or mask sensitive columns in production databases and in copies of databases before they are shared with third-party developers and big data environments.

Tokenization capabilities:

Format preserving tokenization, crypto-tokens (alpha/numeric), random tokens (numeric), single and multi-use tokens, date support

Dynamic data masking capabilities:

Alpha/numeric, customize mask character

Validation support:

Luhn check

Virtual appliance:

Open Virtualization Format (.ovf), International Organization for Standardization (.iso), Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Amazon Machine Image (.ami)

Application integration:


Authentication integration:

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP); Active Directory (AD)


Over 1 million tokenization transactions per token server

No cost for redundant, geographically dispersed, or scale-up token servers

Product Brief : Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking

Tokenization and data masking – anonymizing data for security and compliance. The Vormetric Data Security Platform features tokenization capabilities that can dramatically reduce the cost and effort associated with complying with security policies and regulatory mandates like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Research and WhitePaper : Vormetric Tokenization

For too many IT organizations, complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and corporate security policies has been far too costly, complex, and time consuming. Now, Thales eSecurity offers a better way. Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking helps your security team address its compliance objectives while gaining breakthroughs in operational efficiency.


Research and WhitePaper : Evaluation of the Thales eSecurity Token Server

Fortrex Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) evaluated the Thales eSecurity Token Server, and determined when properly implemented and configured within a secured cardholder environment, it can reduce the scope of the systems included in the scope of a PCI DSS assessment. They also qualified that the solution can be leveraged to tokenize other sensitive data within a corporate environment. Fortrex detailed their evaluation process in their white paper, Evaluation of the Thales eSecurity Token Server.

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