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MySQL Database Encryption Solutions


MySQL's open source approach to the relational database has made it one of the most widely adopted solutions for structured data on the market today. Organizations choose it often for their web-based applications because of its reliability, performance, and ease-of-use.

As a reliable and performant foundation, organizations depend on MySQL databases to store sensitive — often highly regulated — data. To get the full benefit out of these databases, organizations need adequate security to keep data safe and address compliance obligations.

MySQL data security from Gemalto

Fortunately, MySQL users can depend on encryption to mitigate threats posed by hackers and privileged users while also addressing their compliance obligations.

By using encryption, users are attaching security directly to their data so that it stays secure from unauthorized users wherever it travels or resides. Via its SafeNet data protection portfolio, Gemalto offers a range of security options for MySQL database protection.

  • Level/ Machine Encryption
  • Level Encryption/tokenization
  • MySQL Encryption

Protect your files, folders and shares transparently

TestSafeNet ProtectFile is an easy to deploy, versatile file-system level solution that secures MySQL databases with encryption. By operating at the file system-level, SafeNet ProtectFile doesn’t require any changes to applications, infrastructure or operations. Yet, without these changes, it still secures MySQL databases as well as a host of other database solutions such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and SAP HANA databases all with minimal performance impacts.

Built-in policy-based access controls restrict access to encrypted data to mitigate the risks posed by privileged users such as database or cloud administrators while giving authorized users access to the data they need.

Since encryption attaches security directly to the file itself, any backed-up or replicated copy of the database with remain encrypted to keep data safe wherever it goes.

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Encrypt your virtual machine instances

TestSafeNet ProtectV encrypts virtual machines running MySQL databases including their associated storage volumes, snapshots, backups, and partitions.

Pre-boot authentication for each virtual machines ensures that encrypted virtual machines cannot be copied or spun-up by unauthorized users attempting to move them to other environments.

SafeNet ProtectV makes MySQL a feasible option in virtualized and cloud environments by letting users preserve ownership and control of their data at all times.

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TestSecure your application-level data

SafeNet ProtectApp encrypts data at the application level to secure data by either column or field within MySQL databases. Easy to use standards-based APIs let customers integrate SafeNet ProtectApp directly into their application to secure data as it is generated.

Encrypting the data so early in its lifecycle keeps it safe wherever it goes without requiring any architectural changes to the database.

SafeNet ProtectApp includes a rich interface and broad standards based support so developers can incorporate it easily into their applications. To further make development on SafeNet ProtectApp easier, Gemalto offers customers software development kits (SDKs), sample code, and technical expertise.

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Test protects high value information in MySQL databases by replacing it with a surrogate value or "token" without changing the database table or the file layout.


Systems protected with tokenization are removed from the audit scope of certain regulations such as PCI DSS.

And, since SafeNet Tokenization is integrated into the application layer, no architectural changes are required to the MySQL implementation.

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Why You’ll Love Our MySQL Database Encryption

Gemalto's SafeNet data protection portfolio offers an array of options to secure MySQL databases. The SafeNet portfolio give user the tools they need to secure data anywhere in its flow — from creation to storage — regardless of the challenges and constraints involved.Test

SafeNet Solutions Offer:

  • Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)
  • API-based encryption libraries
  • Chef and Docker integrations
  • Broad use case support for both on-premises and cloud service providers 
  • Centralized key and policy management

In short, SafeNet data protection solutions address customers' MySQL security needs without impacting their operations or bottom line.

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